I am a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent.

What is a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent? All Phoenix Real Estate Agents that list properties represent the Sellers of that particular property. They have the Sellers interest at heart. When you see a property for sale and you call the Listing Agent of that property, you are actually calling the Phoenix Real Estate Agent that represents the Seller. Their fiduciary duty is to the Seller, not you. So if you are requesting more information about that house from the Seller, he is not obligated to tell you everything he knows. In fact, he is bound to keep quite a bit of information FROM you as he represents the Seller. His job is to sell that house for as much money as possible, because that's what the Seller hired him to do. You can attempt to try to get as much information from the Sellers Real Estate Agent.

As a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent I specialize in representing Buyer's of Phoenix Real Estate. Most, if not all of my business in any given year is spent representing Buyers. I have take hours of classes, educating myself. I have spent thousands of hours in the field representing buyers. And, my career has been spent negotiating the best possible deals for my clients and previous employers.

Informed Phoenix Real Estate Buyers allow me to assist them because they know they need to be represented by a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent.

When getting information homes, make sure you trust the source. When you hire a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent you can be assured you are getting information that will assist you in making a great decision on your next home.

And as a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent, I don't try to "sell" you a home. When you view my Video Testimonial page, my past clients agree, I show them all available homes in areas that interest them. I give them as much information that they need to make an informed decision. Then, they decide which home best suits their needs.

Which Phoenix Real Estate Agent would you prefer?

  • A Seller's Agent?
  • An agent representing the Seller and you the Buyer?
  • A Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent, representing only you!

Anybody can find homes for sale. In the Internet Age, you certainly don't need a Realtor. But, if you want the best deal in great areas and getting information you need to make the correct decision, consider using a Dedicated Buyer's Real Estate Agent.

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