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I want a deal


Phoenix-Often times, I have clients say to me "I'm looking for a deal".  I think to myself, "oh, I mistook you for someone who wants to over pay for a home."  "Someone who just wants to get ripped off on their next purchase." 

Everyone wants a deal.  Including me.  No one wants to ever admit they overpaid for anything and it's human nature to want to say I only paid (fill in the blank) for my house when everyone else around me paid more.

Sellers Market?


I decided it was time to write a blog about the Phoenix Real Estate Market.  It seems every day I read stories about the housing market.  Most, negative.  When have initial new Buyer Consultations, I always ask the question, "where do you think the Phoenix Real Estate Market is?"  Just about every time it's asked, I get a variation of the following answer "it's a buyer's market", "the market is going down", "the banks are holding on to millions of house and it's going to get worse".........

My answer is always the same.....